Boxing Day Buying Guide!

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Boxing Day Buying Guide!

My highlights of things you should get this Boxing Day!

How’s it going everybody, Cam from Flamingo here to give you another buying guide for another crazy sale! I’m going to go over my top picks for different categories on this sale, but you’ll want to check out everything because holy moly is there a lot!
Now without wasting anymore time, let’s get right into it – 

Pod systems:
The Fetch and Cover combo is the big winner for pod systems if you ask me! Here's the two codes you need, [FETCHBOXING] for the FETCH and COVER just have them both in your cart!
The Fetch kits came out recently, they feature a 40W output, use of RPM and Nord coils, along with being able to buy an optional RBA section for it. The Fetch Mini is SUPER compact, so if you want something small and stealthy then this is going to be the pod for you! If you like regular nicotine juice the new RPM coils handle it very well, giving fantastic flavour from such a small package. The nord coils are more meant for the salt nic fans out there, and it’s great that they give you the option to use either or. What makes everything better is that you can get this whole kit PLUS a leather carrying case with lanyard and wrist strap for only $39.99!! 

RDA: This was a really hard section to decide on, but I’d have to say that Profile RDA is going to be the best buy this boxing day! While there’s other fantastic RDAs like the CSMNT or Reload RDA, when it comes to ease of use and flavour output it’s hard to beat how good the Profile is! It uses mesh strips instead of standard coils which helps get better surface area and thus better flavour, and the mesh strips can be swapped out and installed in seconds! Wicking is also very easy, and if you like to squonk then this is really gonna be up your alley as it shoots juice directly into the cotton. A fantastic flavour low profile RDA with high build quality for only $19.99? Sign me up!
RTA: If you like big builds or big clouds, then the Reload RTA is for you no questions asked. This is arguably one of the best RTAs ever made, and can even keep up with the heaviest of vapers. But maybe you’re not into huge clouds, or maybe you want to make a rebuildable salt nic setup, well luckily all of the Wotofo Serpent tanks are on sale! I love this series to death, personally I own about 3 maybe even 4 Serpent Minis that have all been through the rounds. It’s definitely my favourite RTA of all time, and the fact that not only it but the successors like the Alto and SMM are on sale, there’s no reason not to pick up one or even all three when they’re only $4.99-9.99!



This was the easiest decision I’ve ever made. DotAIO. I’ll never stop praising the awesome AIO kit, heck I made an in-depth review all about it that you can watch here! These things are beautifully made, work fantastic, and for only $90 there’s no better time to pick up one of the nicest vapes on the market right now. Tons of customizations, flavour is fantastic, great battery life, everything about this device is just so good. It does need an 18650 to power it, but luckily the Samsung 25R is on sale for only $9.99 right now! If you’re going to get anything this boxing day, I’d highly recommend the dotAIO.

We really have tons of juice on right now to buy-one-get-one, so I’ll just give you some personal recommendations for each brand! Also, use the code next to the brand to get them Buy-one-get-one FREE!!!!!!!

Twerps - This is a staple juice, and is forever one of my favourites. This is just a nice sweet Raspberry and Peach tea that will make you feel like it’s summer no matter how terrible this weather gets!

True Northern [TRUENORTHERNBOXING] - Flower Power has always been my jam from this line up, it’s an extremely complex blend of flavours with floral notes that make you think of walking through a bright garden in the middle of spring. 

JUST [JUSTBOXING] - Honestly for this line, if you like the fruit it’s mimicking you’ll like this lineup. With chilled and normal and even salt variants, they’re all awesome! My personal favourites are Honeydew and Lemon.

Light Matter [LIGHTMATTERBOXING] -  SOL! This is a beautiful custard flavour that all dessert lovers should try out.

Gemini [GEMINIBOXING] - Bronco Trail Mix is a sleeper hit from the lineup, this awesome flavours has some blueberries mixed in to create a surprisingly amazing all day vape!

Teleos [TELEOSBOXING] - The OG. This is an OG flavour from the early days of Flamingo when it was originally called “The Milk”. This unreal fruit cereal milk flavour is out of this world, and is a flavour that every vaper should try at least once since it’s truly the best of its kind!

Cloud Science [CLOUDSCIENCEBOXING] - Another OG flavour from the humble beginnings, Delta has always been a go-to fruit flavour from me. It has Blueberry, Acai, and Nectarine blended together to make a unique and delicious mix that’s impossible to get sick of.


I hope you enjoyed our little buying guide for the holiday season, make sure to go check out the entire list of items and take advantage of these deals! They won’t be around for long!


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