HOW TO FLY WITH YOUR VAPE! | Vape Travelling Guide

HOW TO FLY WITH YOUR VAPE! | Vape Travelling Guide

This guide will show you everything you need to know about flying/travelling with your vape internationally!

It’s the question every vaper asks before going on a trip… Can I take my vape on a plane?

How’s it going Everybody! It’s Cam from that one viral vape store robbery video here to answer YOUR vaping questions! Now, I may not be as qualified as a TSA agent when it comes to this stuff, but boy howdy do I love researching!

The short answer is yes, but there’s some rules we need to follow before bringing our beloved gear 12 kilometers in the sky, but it’s really not as strict as you’d expect! Fun fact, did you know you’re allowed to bring up to 2.5kg of dry ice on a plane? They may take your maple syrup (speaking from experience), but thank god for being able to bring dry ice!

So let’s start with your mods, tanks, pod systems, whatever you might be bringing with you. The government says to keep your vape either on your person, or put it in your carry-on. Worst case Ontario, they pull it out to ask a couple questions rather than ripping open your perfectly packed suitcase. One important thing to note, if your mod takes external batteries, take them out and put them in a case. This way you’ll have no troubles, and you won’t have any risk of getting your batteries taken away. If you have a built-in battery, you’ll be fine and dandy, and that will apply to many mods and pod systems. But with all vapes, make sure you aren;t charging (or using them) on the plane.

Tanks are another story, while they shouldn’t take it away if you happen to have a tiny amount of unlabeled liquid inside, I highly recommend emptying it. Or of course vape as much of you can! I say this because when you’re at such a high altitude, pressure builds fast; bags of chips are the best example, they blow up like a balloon! With all this pressure changing, it will actually drain your tank, so avoid the mess before it happens.

As we’re on the subject of juice, you’re probably wondering how much you can bring along, and how to do so. Their rules say you cannot bring a container that’s holding 100mL or more of liquid, but thankfully the vast majority of e-juice comes in 30-60mL bottles! If you like to buy bulk juices, we’d even recommend cleaning out some old 60mL bottles you may have laying around, and fill them up from your bigger bottle. The other rule they state is having to fit it in a plastic bag that holds 1L or less, which again shouldn’t be an issue with the beloved chubby bottles!

It’s always best to keep the labels on your liquid so they know exactly what you’re bringing in. You don’t want to risk losing your favourite juice on vacation!

If you want to check out more rules about what you can fly with, you can click HERE to read it on the government’s website. Or of course, give your airline a call to make sure you’ll have no added stress before catching your flight!


Now that you know exactly how to pack your gear, enjoy your trip and safe travels from Flamingo! We’ll be waiting for you to come back!

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