New Vaping Laws/Regulations in Canada

New Vaping Laws/Regulations in Canada

We dive deep into the new regulations in Canada. Is this the end of vaping?!

New regulations in Canada are coming with some massive changes and surprising realizations. If you’re a vaper in Canada, you’re gonna want to hear this.

New regulations are being proposed for vaping in Canada, and everything sounded very odd as they were going on about practices that are already in play. They want to make sure products with 0.1mg/mL to 10mg/mL of nicotine are labeled to have nicotine content, which is a practice everyone has put into place when labeling restrictions first started popping up. Every bottle in our stores have extensive warnings about the contents, including things like ingredients and addictiveness of nicotine, and all coming in a childproof packing. These are all proposed changes that they are making, so I guess the industry is already one step ahead! We’ve always had childproof packaging, but what they’re proposing gets shocking. 

The next step is regulating the amount of nicotine that can be in a vaping substance (e-liquid.) They want to ban e-juice from having a nicotine content higher than 66mg/mL as it becomes very toxic at that concentration when ingested, and would a terrible experience if you were to inhale it. The closest product I’ve seen on the market would have to be the JUUL pods which contain a ridiculous 59mg/mL, scarily close to 66mg/mL. Now that I’ve brought JUUL into the picture, there’s something fishy with these new regulations involving the prefilled/closed pod systems.

The government seems to LOVE these prefilled pods, they’re finally approving of something related to vaping! This seems awesome, right? Well, maybe not.
They are proposing that every vaping device (any part, tank, atomizer, mod, etc.) and substance must be child-resistant. While Chubby Gorilla e-liquid bottles are child-resistant, they believe the refillable devices that we know and love are not, and should be either removed from the market entirely or be redesigned to be child-resistant. I do agree with that to an extent, but most of the responsibility comes to the end user to prevent it from getting in the hands of a child.

They estimate that these changes will cost a monstrous $6.7 million to the industry in the first year. While they also state that it WON’T have any significant negative impact on consumers, this could mean existing tanks and pods may no longer be available to consumers as they don’t comply with new regulations. This will limit the amount of new products we’ll see in the market, and may cause a price increase due to costs of these regulation changes.

Now because pre-filled/closed pods are not designed to be refilled and instead disposed of, they get a complete pass. Big tobacco has been investing very heavily into these closed pod systems like JUUL and Vype over the last few years, and they’re the ones that are going to be benefiting the most off of these new regulations to try and push out the little guys. This doesn’t shock me at all, and it’s probably going to bring hardships to the industry as big tobacco starts to thrive more and more, and disposable products popping up more or taking over is going to have a big impact on our planet with far more added waste. Cigarette butts already make a huge portion on the amount of litter we see everyday and-- wait, how are cigarettes packaged again?

A thin cardboard box with an easy flip top or slide box to grab your cigarettes. Grab one and light it with any source of fire, heating element, magnifying glass, etc. How many times have you heard of someone’s pet eating their cigarettes, babies chewing on cigarettes, kids relighting half smoked cigarettes from the ground, or ones still lit for that matter. Hell, of course we’ve all known someone that breaks them apart and rolls their own! But I guess they just think that the responsibility comes to the end user to prevent it from getting in the hands of a child, right?

Has big tobacco finally found their way to thrive in our industry? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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