What will happen to VAPING in 2019? — Our predictions

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What will happen to VAPING in 2019? — Our predictions

From new innovations to new trends, who knows what will take over in 2019! Find out our predictions for the vape industry!


2018 was one of the craziest years for vaping, from new innovations, new trends, and old trends returning, what’s gonna happen next? We came up with some of our own predictions for the vaping industry in 2019, so let’s dive in!

Old is Cool

The vaping industry is proof that history repeats itself. 2018 brought squonking back full force, with an uproar of custom mechanical squonk mods, and companies starting to perfect regulated mods, squonking was back and here to stay! Mouth to lung vaping became popular again, but instead of people inhaling high nicotine with rough throat hits, nicotine salts smooth qualities gave life to a disappearing niche. Cigalike and disposable vaporizers are now being taken more seriously as well due to nicotine salts, at this point, it almost seems like vaping is running in a circle again!

I think the next old trend to come back will be vape phone cases. I had a few friends with these, simple voltage adjustment with 510 threading for your tank of choice, why haven’t I seen these as a pod system yet? Who knows, maybe using “retro” vaping gear will become cool this year.

phone case vape


The most popular innovation to hit the mass in 2018 was salt nicotine by far! While not necessarily being brand new, the rising popularity of JUUL created a hysteria causing juice makers EVERYWHERE to join the Salt Nicotine wave. With all these high nicotine juices hitting the market, the sub-ohm setups everyone was accustomed to swiftly abandoned as the next big product hit the market… Pod systems. Everyone was finally able to get the JUUL experience at a cheaper price, and with flavour options galore! With pod systems on the rise, a new way to vaporize your liquid was introduced. With more companies making pod systems with replaceable coils, I think 2019 will be filled with more tiny mod and tank combos now that people are getting used to switching coils again!

Usonicig came out with the first Ultrasonic vaporizer, by vibrating the juice at 2.4 million times per second at high frequencies, it causes the liquid to vaporize at a cooler temperature giving a smooth experience. While their first device, the Rhythm, may have a very odd design and mixed reviews from consumers, I still think it could be the next sliced bread! The first version is never perfect, which was very apparent when mesh atomizers started appearing on the market. Coilless vaping is always improving, from ceramic to heat plates sandwiched in cotton and now ultrasonic vaping, who knows what they’ll come up with next! Heat rods that absorb liquid?

usonic rythm

Tobacco and Juul

The last big news is big tobacco giant Altria purchasing 35% stake in JUUL. With one giant company entering an extremely huge market, I’m only waiting until other big names like SMOK, Aspire, and others to start following in their footsteps. If the vape industry is controlled by big tobacco, who do we have to fight against? We can only hope this will help more people get away from smoking, we just have to wait to see how 2019 plays itself out!


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